Friday, 20 July 2007

Holidays and Harry Potter!

Today marked the last day of school for the boys - big day for Ben as he starts 'big' school (comprehensive) in September.....I still cant believe i have an 11 year old! When did that happen
?? Mwahahahaaa From now on its all uniforms and attitude and belive me its already started - yes we spent a fortune on kitting him out but more than that is the stinky 'tude he has right now - everything is too big a deal for him to bother about. He seems to love the word NO or I CANT or just a grunt with 'that look'! LOL He is going to stay at mum and dads come monday for a little holiday - means the kids have a holiday from each other too! Below is a piccie of my mum and dad, doesnt he look well concidering everything.......this was one of the only times Ethan has given them willing kisses and cuddles after a visit here - so glad i had the camera at hand!

An old friend is coming over tonight who i havent seen in years so that should be fun, catching up and drinking (well i will be, she cant shes pregnant!) Thankfully i dont have a broody bone in my body anymore so im going to be fine on the cooing and feeling the bump stage! LOL Im thinking pizza for tea - i hate a messy kitchen when guests are coming and pizza boxes just need binning so yayyyy take away night! ;)

I stupidly forgot to order the new Harry Potter book - ok slap me now, how the heck did i forget when its been all over EVERYWHERE for the last 6 months or so! Come tomorrow i will be chewing my nails knowing people are reading it and im not -bwahhhhaaaa! I cant even get out to get one - oh the joys of living in a little village with no transport (and a hubby 6 hours away!) LOL

Just uploaded this yummy kids apron to the site - bought a shed load more fabrics too including wipe clean bag and apron fabric. Off on a mission next week to get some more goodies so watch out soon for some interesting news :)

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Heather said...

Ooo Lovely stuff, that apron is way cute. Photo is fab.
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