Sunday, 6 April 2008

finished bookcase project

painted and loaded up with books

Saturday, 11 August 2007

moving blogs....

not so much moving just not updating this one when i have the oliviagrace one going - seems silly to update both with the same stuff! lol See you on the other side!! MWAAHAHAHaaaaa

I will close this one down in a week or so :)

Sunday, 5 August 2007

erm....yeah right!! PMSL!!

me thinks it mucked up somewhere as i havent ever looked like ange!! PMSL oh well at least it made me laugh!! LOL

Saturday, 4 August 2007

competition and wahooo holiday!! lol

Go check out oliviagracedesigns blog, leave a comment and you could win one of these fabby coffee totes!!

Yeah nice one Jake.......this is what comes of trying to take one too many pics - this kid gets bored so easy and resorts to pulling stinky faces!!

I just booked us on a week away in Suffolk, we have made plans for almost everyday PLUS i get to meet up with the fabulous Annette (muckyfingers) and get to meet her adorable little poppet!! Hopefully we will be able to call in to see Ness too and if the kids act up lorraine has said i can send the kids to help her pack up the kits! LOL

Ben is coming back home on tuesday and will have been away for over 2 weeks - feels strange that one kid missing from the brood can make such a difference! Its very quiet tonight since Scott is staying at my sisters too - theyre going to see Transformers as part of his birthday pressie from her :) So two kids down means i actually have time to catch up on a few things - now just need to bundle the last two off to bed and i can crack out the sewing machine (and alcohol!) LOL

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

dressforms, kids and bags!!

so much to do so little time!! Ive managed to take some fairly decent pics of the kids while they were running wild today - thank goodness the sun is out and i can let them run free in the garden! It gave me some time today to create more bags and ive managed to get them all uploaded too! wahoooo!!

which reminds me i must go take them off the dress forms before they collapse under the weight!! LOL
Thanks to Heather im a Rockin' Girl blogger!! WAHOO!!!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Holidays and Harry Potter!

Today marked the last day of school for the boys - big day for Ben as he starts 'big' school (comprehensive) in September.....I still cant believe i have an 11 year old! When did that happen
?? Mwahahahaaa From now on its all uniforms and attitude and belive me its already started - yes we spent a fortune on kitting him out but more than that is the stinky 'tude he has right now - everything is too big a deal for him to bother about. He seems to love the word NO or I CANT or just a grunt with 'that look'! LOL He is going to stay at mum and dads come monday for a little holiday - means the kids have a holiday from each other too! Below is a piccie of my mum and dad, doesnt he look well concidering everything.......this was one of the only times Ethan has given them willing kisses and cuddles after a visit here - so glad i had the camera at hand!

An old friend is coming over tonight who i havent seen in years so that should be fun, catching up and drinking (well i will be, she cant shes pregnant!) Thankfully i dont have a broody bone in my body anymore so im going to be fine on the cooing and feeling the bump stage! LOL Im thinking pizza for tea - i hate a messy kitchen when guests are coming and pizza boxes just need binning so yayyyy take away night! ;)

I stupidly forgot to order the new Harry Potter book - ok slap me now, how the heck did i forget when its been all over EVERYWHERE for the last 6 months or so! Come tomorrow i will be chewing my nails knowing people are reading it and im not -bwahhhhaaaa! I cant even get out to get one - oh the joys of living in a little village with no transport (and a hubby 6 hours away!) LOL

Just uploaded this yummy kids apron to the site - bought a shed load more fabrics too including wipe clean bag and apron fabric. Off on a mission next week to get some more goodies so watch out soon for some interesting news :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another added to the collection...

dressform that is! :) Dontcha just love these, so girly and practical too (at least thats what i tell dh when i come home with another! ;) )

The last one there is holding the new aprons uploaded to the store.

The kids were just too funny today standing at the window mouths open watching the hailstones!! YES its july and its hailing - where the heck is summer, isnt there supposed to be at least a little sunshine??!!